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Technical Specifications

Quite simply, Northern Lites are the most advanced snowshoes ever made. We have combined the most sophisticated design technology with the strongest, lightest materials known to man. The result is a substantially lighter, more maneuverable, and more durable snowshoe with unparalleled on-snow performance.

Comparisons between Northern Lites and ordinary metal-frame snowshoes abound:

  • Titanium mountain bike to an old 3-speed.
  • Kevlar racer to a standard aluminum canoe.
  • All wheel drive Porsche to a sport utility vehicle.

Standard models of most sporting goods are durable, dependable, and acceptable to most people...but there are many enthusiasts who demand superior equipment.


Since Northern Lites are priced competitively with ordinary snowshoes, everyone can now enjoy the very best!


Light Weight

The first feature everyone notices about Northern Lites is their weight - they’re only about one-half the weight of ordinary snowshoes. This key attribute means that the Northern Lites user will lift about 2,000 pounds less weight over every mile!

This lightweight attribute is what makes Northern Lites truly unique. Lighter weight will open up the magic of snowshoeing to the majority of people put off by the traditionally cumbersome and heavy image of snowshoes.

  • Lighter weight is important to beginners. The novices’ greatest fear is the "work" involved in snowshoeing. Northern Lites cut the "work" in half which doubles the fun. Their second greatest concern is falling behind the group, and lighter weight obviously eliminates this as well.
  • Lighter weight is important to experienced hikers. Northern Lites are far less fatiguing, so the experienced hiker can enjoy more of the snowshoe adventure.
  • Lighter weight is important to cross-trainers. Most runners refuse to train in ankle weights due to the risk of injury, so many have never considered training in snowshoes. Northern Lites can open up the sport to these people because they weigh only slightly more than a pair of athletic shoes.




Following Northern Lites’ dramatic weight advantage, almost everyone questions our products’ durability. The easy answer is simply "Advanced Technology", with the following explanation:

  1. Framing is an advanced aluminum alloy 40% stronger than the 6061 T6 framing on ordinary metal-frame snowshoes.
  2. Decking is genuine Coolthane® with 250% greater abrasion resistance than the hypalon used on other brands.
  3. Pivot strap is 1 1/2" Biothane which can be twisted without tearing.
  4. Deck clips/perimeter cleats are toughened nylon, beefed up beyond all mountaineering requirements.
  5. Bindings are cut from a thicker Coolthane which is humanly impossible to tear with 500 PSI tensile strength.


Northern Lites with conventional-shaped frames and solid decking are available in 20", 25", 30" and 32" long models providing adequate flotation for every application.



The detail and relief on the bottom-side of Northern Lites provide superior traction in all conditions. Toe and heel crampons are oversized with de-icing pads, and our exclusive perimeter cleats provide unparalleled traction in deep snow.


Northern Lites innovative TruTrak Bindings have proven to be the industry’s straightest tracking without the need for toe baskets or heel pads.  Then firmly hook overstraps with innovative "hook-buckles" which are easy to secure/remove with bulky gloves or mittens. These need not be wrenched down like most snowshoes so they’re comfortable with any footwear from running shoes to Pack Boots. Lastly, tighten heel straps as firmly as possible - and you’re ready to go!

QTR - Quick, Tighten, and Release - Bindings  Position snowshoes with heel strap buckle to the outside and place foot so toe is 1 inch behind toe opening.  (Stickers indicating Left and Right are also on the heel of the top of the deck.)  Then pull to the inside of the foot on the coated strap loop to tighten.  Secure the heel strap over the rear of the foot by pulling on the short strap tab.  To release the snowshoe, pull on the rope to the outside of the foot and pull the buckle out on the heel strap.   


Northern Lites are precisely balanced to make the toes tip-up naturally for easy walking and running, but not too much for backing out of tight spots.