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The experts are impressed with Northern Lites!

Vermont Sports Today 

  • "These were easily our favorites, there is nothing to dislike about the Northern Lites Quicksilver snowshoes."
  • "The binding was the easiest of all the snowshoes - you can just put them on and go".
  • "The Quicksilver also distinguished themselves in quality and performance".

Backpacker magazine!

"I'd buy the Northern Lites Backcountry snowshoes for myself. They perform great, and their light weight is just too good to pass up."


Editors’ Picks - Adventure West

"These were the lightest pair tested, and the difference was noticeable on training runs through deep powder and up steep ridges. Tough decking, good crampons and the easiest to use, most secure bindings of the lot."


Kate Carter - Vermont Sports Today

"We really put the screws to 'em and they held up just fine."


Climbing Magazine

"I like breaking things, so when I pulled these snowshoes out of the box I naturally got giddy. These flimsy shoes aren’t gonna last 10 minutes, I chortled. HOOAH - was I wrong! Northern Lites may feel fine boned, but I ran their tempered aluminum frames and polyurethane decking through a devilishly rocky gauntlet and they barely got nicked."


Backpacker Magazine

"Web footers tend to react predictably when handed a pair of Northern Lites. Their eyes light up, and they’re apt to say something like "Wow, these shoes are reeeeally light!" Then they look closer at the ultralight materials and mutter, "These won’t last five minutes on the trail." They’re right on the first count because Northern Lites weigh half of what most others do, but our testing proved them to be far tougher than first impression suggests.


Rocky Mountain Sports

"Northern Lites snowshoes are so light that I was initially concerned they wouldn’t hold up to the rigors of back-country snowshoeing. But after I climbed Aspen Mountain while carrying a pack loaded with a paraglider and all the necessary winter gear, my skepticism evaporated. I especially liked how light they were on my feet - pushing a heavy pair of snowshoes around can be like walking with ankle weights."

Vermont Sports Today

"The Northern Lites Elite, so light you hardly notice it’s there, not only ran well, but also proved to be the best performing in off-track conditions."


"I Just Bought 600 Pairs Of Northern Lites Snowshoes."

Masao Kimura - President • Art Sports Co., LTD • Tokyo, Japan

"Our customers count on finding the world’s finest equipment in my O.D. BOX outdoor specialty stores located throughout Japan. So when we decided to add snowshoes last season I brought in over 100 samples from the top 4 American brands and the top 4 European brands. All of my managers then tested each brand extensively, and their findings were clear...Northern Lites are the best snowshoes in the world!"

"Northern Lites are perfect snowshoes."

Mark Macy • Three time Champion Iditashoe

The Iditashoe Snowshoe Race is 100 miles long on the Iditarod Trail in Alaska. The race is held in February each year and is undeniably the most difficult and extreme snowshoe race in the world.

I have been fortunate to win the Iditashoe three times. On each occasion, I raced on Northern Lites Elite Snowshoes. Northern Lites are clearly the lightest, fastest, most durable snowshoes available. While it is difficult to predict how my body will perform under the severe conditions which exist during the race, I am always confident my Northern Lites Elite Snowshoes will function flawlessly.

I was most impressed during one specific race. The course was entirely fozen and, in fact, a substantial portion of the course was on solid glare ice. Depsite the continuous pounding and scraping, the tubing, claws, decking and bindings performed perfectly without evidence of excessive wear. If Northern Elites can withstand circumstances and conditions such as those existing during that years Iditashoe, I am certain they will function without fail under any conditions that may exist anywhere on earth.

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Mar 27
Northern Lites Snowshoes partners with Expedition Outreach

Northern Lites Snowshoes partners with Expedition Outreach

Northern Lites is proud to announce that we are partnering with Expedition Outreach to help heighten awareness of Heart Decease Worldwide.
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